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The WIN Discipleship Process is the simple and clearly defined stages of how a person moves from a saving to a maturing relationship with God through Christ.

The WIN-DP_Stages.jpeg

The definition can be broken down into KEYWORDS to allow better understanding of what The WIN Discipleship Process is all about.

• DISCIPLESHIP - This is the overarching calling of every believer and every church. It is neither a program nor a department; neither a class nor a lesson to complete. It is the life we are called to live when we believe in Jesus. Discipleship covers everything we do as a believer and as a church - from reaching out to other people and our friends (evangelism) to investing in their lives by helping them grow spiritually in their faith.

• PROCESS - Discipleship is a process. It is not a one-time event or an overnight experience. It is a series of growing steps and stages toward Christlikeness. It is an on- going process of spiritual development and growth in life.

• SIMPLE - The process of discipleship is simple. It should not be complicated. Our diagrams, illustrations and explanations are simple and easy to follow, so that everyone in the church will be able to understand and grasp it.

• CLEARLY DEFINED - The process of discipleship must be clearly defined so that it can be clearly communicated. We can not assume that everyone understands it. The process must be constantly explained and taught at all levels.

• STAGES - The process of discipleship has stages and levels. It is sequential and progressive. The starting point in the cycle must be clear cut.

• MOVES - The process of discipleship is about moving people through the progressive stages. Our congregation will be able to measure where they are in the cycle, and also see where they should be going in their maturity level.

• SAVING TO MATURING - The process of discipleship begins from seeking to believing to building lives. Spiritual maturity or Christlikeness is the end goal.

• RELATIONSHIP - The process of discipleship is ultimately about our personal relationships with God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. It may be a personal faith but it is not supposed to be private. That is why, we are called to connect people to God and lead them through the same process of discipleship.

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