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Our Story

Our story began in the 1970s the spiritual revival in the Philippines was marked by what was then popularly known as the “Charismatic Movement”. Similar to the visitation of the Holy Spirit during the day of Pentecost in the Book of Acts (Acts 2), the Catholics in the country experienced various manifestations in the form of revival worship services, signs, and wonders such as healings and miracles. Even more significantly, the raising up of people committed to following the Lord and serving in the ministry was on the rise throughout the country. 

The highly traditional Catholic region had experienced the outpouring of the Holy Spirit when it saw priests and lay leaders “breaking away” from the institutionalised traditions and practices in favour of a more “Bible-based” worship service. This wave of grace sweeping largely in the urban centres of the country was in fact a fulfilment of Joel 2:28-30 and Acts 2:1-4. 

The Philippine experience also saw the emergence of the laity rising to positions of leadership within the institutional churches, as well as, in the new emerging groups at that time. God was calling men and women, even those already established in the secular sector, to assume responsibilities in His church “as the Holy Spirit leads” them. 

That same decade saw the migration of Filipino workers to other nations all over the globe. This exodus was driven by grim economic opportunities at home, and brighter ones, abroad. This overseas contract workers (OCW) phenomenon was to play a major role in the establishment of churches abroad. As Filipino communities developed all over the world, it became an opportunity to reach other nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This "scattering" of Filipinos has come to be known as the "Filipino Diaspora." This phenomenon, similar to the Chinese and Korean experience, became the road towards obedience to "making disciples of all nations." Today, Word International Ministries is in a more strategic place for the fulfilment of its mandate from God which is to bring the Word of God all over the globe, paving the way for churches to be born, leaders developed and people giving their lives to Jesus. 

Through God's sustaining grace WIN still continues to build communities of families where lives, regardless of their origin or status, are drawn and transformed to reflect the image of Jesus Christ and to shine like stars in a dark world for the glory of God and fulfil the Great Commission through the power of the Holy Spirit, the love that flows from His Son Jesus Christ and the fellowship of the believers. For this we lay our lives, and for this, we bear the torch that lights a path for the generations to follow until our Lord Jesus comes.

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