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Making disciples is a community call, not an individual role

The community-call to disciple-making has significant practical implications that require a paradigm shift from individualism to communal responsibility among the churches and its leaders. It is crucial to create an atmosphere that encourages all members of the church to participate in disciple-making as a shared calling. To achieve the objective of growing disciple-making churches worldwide, we propose to fully implement the stages of our WIN Discipleship Process over the next five years. The following is our recommended annual plan and focus to transform our local churches into disciple-making communities:


We are an international community of churches bound as one by a covenant to evangelize the world and fulfill the Great Commission through the power of the Holy Spirit, the love that flows from His Son Jesus Christ and the fellowship of the believers. 

WIN - as an international community of churches - strives to preserve its global commonality even in the midst of its diversity. We keep ourselves united in our shared global Vision, Mission, Values, Beliefs and Discipleship Process. These are the essentials that bind us together as one.


Word International Ministries, also known as WIN, is a non-denominational Evangelical church that originated in the Philippines, with an established presence in 6 regions namely, the United States of America, Canada, the Philippines, Asia & Oceania, Europe & Mediterranean, and the Middle East. 



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